The buzz

Orlando, here we come! We're excited to have Maureen and Andrea attending the PeerToPeer Professional Forum Annual Conference at the end of Febraury. If you'll be there too, reach out and let us know!

We love launching new websites! United Nurses Associations of California - Union of Health Care Professionals is reaching more members with their new WordPress website and integrated Salsa tools.

I'm a techie, you're a techie.... You can find Firefly at the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin! We're WordPress Day sponsors, so pencil us in if you want to geek out together about custom fields on March 3rd.

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Firefly Partners is here to help you conquer the world of online engagement — one email address at a time. We’re a nonprofit’s idea of a dream come true: fast, fun and affordable. Firefly listens to our clients and does the work right the first time, using realistic project plans to guide the work from kick off to sign off. The result? A project that runs on time and on budget. See what we can do for you.