The buzz

We’re super excited about the recent launch of the responsive WordPress website we designed and developed for Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation. It’s got effective navigation, bright compelling imagery, and best of all – it promotes programs that support families who are experiencing a child’s illness or injury.

Peer-to-Peer Pressure: Have you felt it? It seems everyone is hopping on the latest fundraising program – and your organization may be up next. We just wrote an article for our friends at JCamp 180 that reviews the core components to P2P success. If the article went down easy, check out these blog posts for more Firefly P2P goodness!

Repeat Business is The Best Business. Hello to our friends at Austin Theater/Paramount Theater! We designed their current site back in 2010 and when they were ready to go responsive WordPress – they chose Firefly! Stay tuned to this channel for the big reveal in a few weeks….

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Firefly Partners is here to help you conquer the world of online engagement — one email address at a time. We’re a nonprofit’s idea of a dream come true: fast, fun and affordable. Firefly listens to our clients and does the work right the first time, using realistic project plans to guide the work from kick off to sign off. The result? A project that runs on time and on budget. See what we can do for you.