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American Technion Society has been a faithful client since our first months in business. Last fall we kicked off a website redesign process together, migrating their site from Luminate PageBuilder to WordPress.  It’s launched and the response has been phenomenal.  Take a look at their responsive, modern new site.

Firefly's Vice President, Maureen Walbeoff, shares advice for choosing the right toolset for your organization. Check out the video from Next Mile Project and Maureen's "low-tech conversation about high-tech stuff." 

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Firefly Partners is here to help you conquer the world of online engagement — one email address at a time. We’re a nonprofit’s idea of a dream come true: fast, fun and affordable. Firefly listens to our clients and does the work right the first time, using realistic project plans to guide the work from kick off to sign off. The result? A project that runs on time and on budget. See what we can do for you.