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Concern Worldwide (CW) had a list of items that they needed help with.  They had a Google Analytics account but wanted to get the bigger picture on their constituents’ activity and patterns. They were concerned about cross-domain tracking between their main site and their Luminate Online tools.  The CW team also wanted to make significant improvements to their event templates.  Sounds like a job for Firefly’s very popular General Support Services!

Eye-Catching Event Template

CW had a comprehensive set of requirements for their new event templates – with data flow at the top of the list.  We investigated several custom solutions and presented them to the CW team for selection.  We designed a lovely, clean template that supports an easy registration and purchase process. The ticketing model can be complex (tables, discounts) or simple (single ticket purchase).  Behind the scenes, the data is collected and stored appropriately in the larger CRM ecosystem.

Tracking eCommerce Donations

Firefly started by  moving their account into Google Tag Manager (GTM). This opened the door to collecting valuable information like cross domain tracking over multiple properties to get the full picture of a user’s footprint.  Special attention was paid to Luminate Online eCommerce, with custom views set up for insight into their symbolic giving program.  We also implemented tracking across platforms to ensure data was being captured accurately for page visits, donations, eCommerce purchases and event ticketing transactions.  Now CW has a wealth of data at their fingertips!


Rebecca Haverson, Concern Worldwide:

Thanks again for helping us find the best option for our events form. We’re excited to use it!

Building Your Google Ecosystem

Did you know that if your organization has a Google Grants or other Adwords account, you will be able see the donation revenue that resulted from your Adwords campaigns?  We knew that!  As proud graduates of Google Academy, we are ready to help with a variety of Google-related support – from Analytics set up, cross domain tracking, views and Tag Manager to Google Grants and AdWords campaigns.   We’ll make these powerful, free tools work well for your organization and teach you to manage them on your own.   Get a free quote.

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