Clients Love Firefly


Wishing and hoping for more financial supporters isn’t going to get you very far.  Let’s face it - donations are the lifeblood of most organizations. Our team can show you how to grow your relationship with your supporters using a combination of the new and shiny stuff splashed with a healthy dose of the tried-and-true.

So We Meet Again, Fundraising Campaign…

You need to (check all that apply): Raise money; influence an elected official and raise money; increase your email list size and raise money; beef up your social networking presence and raise money; and oh yeah – raise money.  Luckily, we’ve got the skills to help you make it happen!

Campaign Evaluation and Planning – We’re equally comfortable assisting with a current campaign as well as helping you create one.  We’ll get started with a discovery session to fill us in on your fundraising goals, timeframe and online functionality needs.  You’ll get a detailed campaign plan and calendar so we all ‘row in the same direction’ through the lifecycle of the campaign.  We’ll be sure to harness the power of social media and let your followers give through the magic of Facebook!

Campaign Execution – Campaigns need lots of collateral.  We’ll harness the expertise of your staff and together we’ll work on a variety of items, including writing messages, designing graphics, creating donation pages.  Once everything has been tested and is ready to go, we can lend a hand with execution task large and small. Want mobile donation forms for donors on the go?  We’ve got ‘em!

Analysis/Reporting – We’ve made the plan and executed our little hearts out – did it work like we thought it would? We can cut through the data mumbo jumbo and distill it all down into easy to understand reports. Throughout the campaign lifecycle we’ll sprinkle in some advice and guidance in order to respond to early performance metrics.

Take a peek at several campaign planning project profiles.