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ThinkCure Radio TeleWebathon

ThinkCure Radio TeleWebathon

Client: ThinkCure

ThinkCure! is a LA-based, community-driven non-profit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancers. Their vision is to bring Southern Californians together to work towards a common cause to cure children and adults with cancer. ThinkCure aims to find cures for cancers by funding innovative research projects at local LA hospitals. Every year ThinkCure holds an annual fundraising event, the “thinkcure weekend,” in conjunction with the LA Dodgers and local media outlets. ThinkCure came to Firefly looking for a way to feature their donors for the big weekend on their site.


Los Angeles-based ThinkCure needed a way to feature the names of everyone donating to the organization as part of their annual “thinkcure weekend” on their website. The display needed to easily add donors’ names as they came in before the weekend from sources including phone calls, text messages and online giving.


Firefly’s techie team loved solving this technical puzzle. After an evaluation of what data ThinkCure needed to feature and where this data would go live on their site, Firefly built a custom mySQL database and backend to allow ThinkCure staff to easily add donor names and gift amounts as they came in. The Firefly tech team then linked this custom solution to a dynamic webpage that pulled names from the database as they were added. Firefly designers knew the donor names would be more engaging for site users if we added a nice visual component. Because of this, we set up the livestream of donor names on the ThinkCure website next to a thermometer indicating the total amount the organization raised for their annual benefit. We love saving our clients time and budget if we can re-use solutions again in the coming years. With just a few hours work from the Firefly team, we were able to set up the same system for the next annual ThinkCure fundraiser. The finished display from 2010 is still online at

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ThinkCure Radio TeleWebathon