Clients Love Firefly


Ah, Facebook and Twitter. They’ve both become essential in the nonprofit marketing toolkit. (QR codes not so much.) They give you fresh user-generated content, they are globally ubiquitous, and they are FREE! What’s not to love? Firefly has helped many organizations harness the power of social media, and we are proud of the results our clients have seen.

Like most things you do online, a strategic plan is the key to using social media tools effectively. Check out our recent presentation for the Boston Association of Fundraising Professional for some basic info.

Successes aside, these platforms can feel like a moving target.  Changes to functionality, coding requirements, applications and layout come unexpectedly and frequently.  You may want to look at your social media tools to be sure one of these changes hasn’t snuck up on you while you weren’t looking.

Firefly stays ahead of the curve with a wide array of services that will help you get established, stay relevant and grow your ability to work with all things social.

Design & Integration

Ever wonder how some of those other nonprofits get those pretty images and forms into their social spaces?  Firefly can do some strategic planning or jump right in with design & branding, dynamic pages and embedded forms.  We can bring your Facebook posts right into your website, and automatically bring your website content into Facebook.  Intrigued?  We thought so!

Posts N’ Tweets

Why is it so hard to come up with 140 characters?  If you have something to say, Firefly can help you pre-plan and write your organization’s posts and tweets.  We know how to create thought-provoking tweets that are attention grabbers and posts that get your social community talking. 

Image Sharing

Custom shared images are little ads that your followers will post on their walls, timelines, blogs and websites.  Firefly will design, develop and link these images to your latest petition, donation form or peer-to-peer fundraising event.  These low cost images let your supporters slap an ad on their walls and promote your great work!

Facebook Ads

Ads are everywhere!  Facebook ads are a great tool for nonprofits – if you know how to set up your campaign correctly.  The social media experts at Firefly will help you determine how much you want to spend on ads, design compelling ads that get clicked, and report back on your campaign performance.  We know what type of campaigns will work best in the social media space – let us help you!

Take a peek at some of our past work.