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Are you bored by your organization’s online content? If you can’t keep your eyes open when perusing your latest eNewsletter, it’s pretty likely that your supporters feel the same way. Firefly’s crackerjack writers will take your draft text or direct mail appeal and craft it into something fresh and fabulous that works on the web.  

Here’s the good news - you CAN get there from here!  No matter where your starting point is, a good plan can get you from Point A to Point B with little fear you’ll wind up at a dead end. Firefly uses a systems thinking approach to planning that helps keep your eyes on the prize – and your results will show it.

Strategic Planning

You might need a strategic planning session if you have a new website, new online tools or functionality.  It’s pretty common for organizations to need to stop and ‘take stock’ in order to prioritize your goals and tasks going forward.

Communication Planning

It’s a common problem for many nonprofit organizations – you need a little help getting the true voice of your organization into every piece of communication. Great content will keep your community engaged and interested in your work and make it easy for them to proudly spread the word about all the good you do every day.

Looking for Fundraising help? Here ya go!

No matter which flavor of help you need, we’ll usually include work like this:

Audit/Review – Let’s take a look in the rear view mirror, shall we? Our strategy experts will collect and analyze key data to get a feel for what’s worked and what’s missed the mark. We recommend reviewing your website, online forms and messages so we can see what is (and what isn’t) resonating with your audience.

Recommendations – Firefly takes our findings and views them through the lens of best practices in today’s online world. We write up a detailed set of findings and recommendations which is reviewed with your team.  Lots of interesting discussions and brainstorming takes place at this point to determine the tactics you want to use going forward. These decisions are laid out to create an implantation plan with dates and responsibilities so things get done effectively and logically.

All Together Now – Sometimes our strategic planning meetings are the first time that your team has sat together and all discussed your online communication plans. Our skilled facilitators will help everyone get their opinions and assumptions out in the open in a safe space. Chocolate can help with this part.

Implementation – Make it so, Number One! Now that we have a plan in place, it’s time to work it. Together your team and Firefly may work on some of these common tasks:

  • Redesign and build new email templates
  • Update the style and tone of content on emails/newsletters/website
  • Liven up content and layout of donation forms/emails
  • Create new graphical elements for your site/emails for branding and consistency
  • Freshen up and build depth into your social networking presence

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get:
You Can Do Anything But You Can’t Do Everything

Are you really going to create a twelve-part YouTube video series and get 10,000 new Facebook friends all in the next month? Think again. We use humor combined with a healthy slap of realism to cull your brilliant ideas into a workable, trackable plan for the next six months. 

Anything that didn’t make the cut is saved for use as a phase two starting point after you’ve worked the initial plan tasks. We feel that this approach honors the creativity of our clients and keeps them focused on the tasks at hand. Win/win!

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