Clients Love Firefly


They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. Our team loves figuring it out – making it work – getting to that magic moment of 'Eureka!!'. We're not miracle workers, but most of the time we can get our clients what they want with a minimum of fuss.

Technical Project Overview

What do you do when someone gets a bright idea but you have no idea how to make it into reality? Well, you start by calling us. We do have our technical limits of course, but we’re pretty dogged when it comes to innovative solutions.  From APIs to Facebook integration and dynamic functionality, we’re ready for a challenge!

  • Pre-Work Discovery – Our technical team starts by getting a thorough understanding of your specifications: How it is used? Who will use it? What does it look like? At this point we’ll know for sure if we’re the folks who can execute your project, and we’ll offer a variety of solutions to get you there.
  • Technical Development – We will get to work coding, tweaking, and testing until we get it right. We cross platform test and keep our code clean and compliant. We’ll take your new functionality live and you’ll get to look like a smarty pants for finding the team who made it happen.
  • Documentation – Once your new product/tool/functionality is in place we provide complete documentation including training if requested. This makes it easy for you to update over time and allows for a record of our work to be available for future development.

These days technical means getting responsive. Tablets. Phones. Some implant in your left eye that doesn't exist yet. You need a friend in the biz to help you demystify all of this stuff. Viola’! We've got a cheat sheet that will make you look like a smarty pants. Come and get it!

See some of our ‘behind the scenes’ work.